Robot laser welding

Introduction of a New Concept for Robot Laser Welding at Metavak

Due to the rapid rise of manual laser welding in the metal processing industry, there is also a significant demand from customers for automated systems. For this reason, LAZRZ BV, Yaskawa Benelux, and RoboFlex have joined forces to develop a robotic laser welding cell that can be easily implemented.

Cost Savings

Laser welding offers several key advantages over arc welding processes. One significant advantage is the high welding speeds that can be achieved with a laser. Additionally, the size of the molten pool will be smaller. Due to both factors, the total heat input into the material is considerably lower than in arc welding processes, resulting in less distortion. Cost savings are therefore not only achieved through shorter welding time. The time required for post-processing is also significantly lower with laser welding.


The welding cell that will be showcased at Metavak is suitable for small workpieces. However, the concept is scalable so that the experience gained from the displayed model can also be applied to welding cells for larger workpieces.

The robot cell that LAZRZ will introduce to the market can be equipped with a laser source of 1500 Watts, 2000 Watts, or 3000 Watts. The applied welding gun has the capability for multiple wobble “shapes” with a width of up to 5 mm.

The welding gun can also be equipped with wire feeding. This wire feeding allows for easier tolerance bridging.