Manual laser welding

LAZRZ laser welding machines are available in three power variants. Depending on the materials to be welded, we can advise you on the right machine power.


The rapid circling or oscillation of the laser beam has made a breakthrough in manual laser welding. The rotating or oscillating laser beam creates a broader molten pool and ensures good control of the molten pool.

Water cooling

The FSW laser welding machines are equipped with high-power water coolers. These water coolers maintain the temperature of both the laser source and the welding gun, preventing overheating. This allows our machines to have a significantly higher duty cycle compared to air-cooled machines.

Wire Feeding

For welding with filler material, an external wire feeding unit is provided. Wire feeding settings are adjusted on the laser welding machine.

Safety Design

The LAZRZ FSW welding machines are designed in accordance with the laser safety standard EN 60825-1:2014. This means that the machine is designed to be “failsafe” and is equipped with electrical components as prescribed by this methodology.

Examples of these safety features include:

  • Equipped with a failsafe PLC
  • Electrical safety circuit between the workpiece and welding gun
  • Interlock circuit
  • Hold-and-run safety pedal
  • Circuit for external warning signals
FSW 1000FSW 1500FSW 2000
Maximum power1000 W1500 W2000 W
Laser wavelength1080nm1080nm1080nm
Primary connection380V/3PH/50HZ380V/3PH/50HZ380V/3PH/50HZ
Weight200 KG200 KG200 KG

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